Hey, I'm Josh. I juggle.

Event entertaiment

Different events call for different types of entertainment. I’m a flexible guy. Let’s make it happen.

My offerings:

  • Stage Show
  • Ambient, “Walk-Around” Entertainment
  • Trade Show Booth Performer
  • Sports Act


I grew up playing sports. So finding my niche performing at sports event was a natural fit. Whether it’s a NBA halftime show, baseball inning break entertainment, or sports camp, my act is high-energy and athletically demanding, making it perfect for sports fans!

My sport offerings:

Social media campaings

After college I worked a “real job” for a few years. I managed social media campaigns for Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, Mattel Toys, and other major brands. After quitting my job to go full-time juggler, I decided to work on growing my own social media audience. Through creating incredible and creative online videos I have grown a young, loyal, and engaged audience of nearly 1,000,000 fans! Let’s work together to create some impressions!

My social networks:


Let’s talk about how I can make YOU look good!